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VIDEO: “Why Has Museveni Forsaken Me?” – Bedridden Veteran Singer Willy Mukaabya Cries Out

Wille Mukabya - Museveni

Singer Willy Mukaabya is a household name in the Ugandan music genre of Kadongo Kamu. The singing veteran has wowed and soothed with his music much to the admiration of music critics and fans alike. However, as it stands, the singer is battling to make ends meet as he battles with poor health. 

Several pleas have been made by the singer to different influential men in the country including president Museveni but nothing has come to fruition.

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Now Willy Mukaabya has launched a scathing tirade at the president saying he should not have abandoned him to rot away in poverty and disease during these hard times as he has always supported him and his government unconditionally.

 Mukaabya says Museveni’s advisors like Catherine Kusasira, Full Figure, and Balaam have all refused to pass on his message to the president, hence the decision to go public.

Watch the video below:

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