Truth Behind Sasha Brighton and Herbert Shonga’s Alleged Introduction Revealed

Lies Behind Sasha Brighton and Herbert Shonga's Introduction
Sasha Brighton and Herbert Shonga

For some time now, Sasha Brighton has been rumored to have introduced her lover Herbert Shonga to her parents

After photos of the two love birds dressed in traditional wear made rounds on social media unconfirmed rumors claiming the two had actually decided to take a bigger step in their love life with Sasha Brighton apparently introducing her lover Herbert Shonga to her parents.

The photos which showed the two affectionately dancing with each other seemed to confirm the alleged introduction. However our Boom Gossip snoops confirmed that the two were instead attending a party of a one Paul, and Sasha had been hired to entertain the guests whereas Herbert was just an invited guest.

These two had used this chance to also dance together.

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