City Dancer Eddy Wizzy Arrested, spends night behind bars

City Dancer Eddy Wizzy Arrested, spends night behind bars
Eddy Wizzy arrested

Ugandan entertainers must have a serious problem trying to pay back what doesn’t belong to them. They also have a problem with having to appear for shows for which they have been paid in advance and this has more often than not, led them into trouble with the law. The same can be said of star dancer and entertainer Eddy Wizzy. 

As we write this, the sensational dancer who made his name for his performances alongside Dancehall maestro Nutty Neithan is having a feel of the coolers after he failed to honour a show for which he had been paid.

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According to available Intel, the dancer was booked by a yet to be known promoter in Busoga to perform at a show on Christmas in 2019 which he didn’t do.

Now the promoter has had him arrested so as to recover all the money he lost on that day amounting to 23 million shillings. According to his close friend and fellow dancer Wembley, Eddy Wizzy was whisked to CPS where his release failed to materialise and he was to be taken to Kamuli for a court appearance.

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There are some allegations that He missed a show on Christmas 2019 now a promoter wants all his money which he invested in the show Hello everyone, have been with Eddie Wizzy at CPS police station and we have tried our level best to solve the issues with the complainant but we failed and they suggested to take him to Buyende kamuli busoga police station and he is ready to face the court tomorrow. So his last words he said “wembly try level best to inform everyone in Uganda and out side Uganda to know so that I can be helped.Any one who can help please help Eddie Wizzy ?? there are some allegations that he missed a show on Christmas last year so now the promoter or complainant wants back his money he invested in the all show 23 millions shillings cash .

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By press time, it was not yet established whether the tantalising dancer was already in Kamuli but we can reliably inform that all is not well with the little Wizzy.

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