Home Exposed BUSTED! Late Pastor Yiga’s Wife Julie Is ‘Reportedly’ a Thigh Vendor

BUSTED! Late Pastor Yiga’s Wife Julie Is ‘Reportedly’ a Thigh Vendor

BUSTED! Late Pastor Yiga's Wife Julie Is 'Reportedly' a Thigh Vendor
Late Pastor Yiga's Wife Julie Is 'Reportedly' a Thigh Vendor

There were many suspicious glances when the late pastor Augustine Yiga’s wife showed no signs of grief and pain after losing her husband. During an interview with a local television channel, Julie appeared while she was dressed in a long dress with a veil on her head, with sunglasses and mask supplementing the already questionable look.

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Many thought she opted to conceal her appearance due yo the pain of losing a husband since she was still grieving. However, many believe she was indeed hiding her real identity from the roving eyes of many who are well acquainted with her ugly past.  There are already any reports emerging g from south Africa claiming that Julie Yoga was not your ordinary housewife but a lowlife slay mama that partied like a woman possessed and never shied away from vending thighs.

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There are pictures already making rounds on social media where the late pastor’s wife is seen in the company of other revellers having a good time dressed inappropriately for someone to imagine she is a pastor’s wife. In the picture, we can recognize Don Bahati of the rich gang family together with other people enjoying each other’s company.

A trusted source has informed boom gossip that Julie lives a very raunchy life to be a pastor’s wife revealing to us that there are videos where she was caressing another man. Our source has also  disclosed that she has a high affinity for men’s money which is why she hurried to Uganda after hearing about her husband’s death and was reminding everyone that she is the official wife so as she can take over Yiga’s property.

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