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Brown Shuga Bitterly Breaks up With Boyfriend Who Released Her S3xtape, He Leaks More

Brown Shuga kisses stranger on camera
Brown Shuga kisses stranger on camera

Brown Shuga’s love life turns a mystery after her new boyfriend only identified as Jarmaine dumped her after a bitter fight. Boom Gossip earlier reported about slay queen Sumaya Tiya was in a bitter war with Brown Shuga after she confronted them about dating her boyfriend Jarmaine. 

For starters, the saga started when Shuga attacked slay queens identified as Sumaya Tiya on Snapchat, and her friend Fatie Muks saying they want to steal his boyfriend. In response, slay queens blasted her saying she is very old to date Jarmaine.

“You too old to date him and that why he is running to use younger babes. so find your self” – Slay queens posted on Snapchat.

Slay queens didn’t stop, they also leaked Brown Shuga’s chats screenshots with Jarmaine exposing her begging Jarmaine not to leave her but at least use her.

“Baby never leave, at least let me do something big for you in your life before you go. At least use me….” – Shuga cried for love.

It was also revealed that Shuga who went to Sweden on Fake papers has made Jarmaine’s family hate and Chase him for dating a woman older than his mother which is why he is staying with Shuga. However, he has gone ahead to cheat on her with Ugandan slay queens while Shuga is investing alot of money in him. 

It is due to this disrespect that Brown Shuga has decided to call it a quit as she revealed yesterday on Snapchat.

“After all is said and done I am moving on with my life. I choose me and my family. Love is never a valid reason to tolerate disrespect. So I have decided to end this relationship ” – Heartbroken Shuga wrote.

Rumour on Street has it that Jarmaine was the one who released Brown Shuga’s sex tape that went viral a few months ago.

See screenshots and video below;

Brown Sugar video

Follow link below to watch video.

Brown Sugar video

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