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Swangz Avenue’s Azawi Runs For Tooth Transplant

Swangz Avenue's Azawi Runs for tooth transplant following pressure from netizens

Dental Clinics are essential assets to the community since they regular dental care and treatment. Their job is worth celebrating and Swangz Avenue’s fast rising singer Pricilla Zawede aka Azawi can now witness.

On many occasions, Azawi has been roasted by fans for having a huge diastema. However, she has shocked fans with a picture of herself with a different set of teeth.

In the picture, Azawi’s diastema is no more evidencing the repair.

Just like NTV Uganda’s Lynda Ddane, Azawi has been laughed at by critics for her extra wide space between her two incisors.

Indeed they say that only the poor can be ugly, it seems that Azawi is already reaping enough from her talent.

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