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‘This is exactly what happened’ – Omah Lay Speaks Out on his sad Experience in Uganda

Nigerian singer Omah Lay remanded to Kitalya Prison
Nigerian singer Omah Lay concert in Uganda

Singer Omah Lay and Tems will never forget their worst experience in Uganda after staging a mega concert amidst COVID-19 lock on concerts in the country and later were arrested for violating COVID-19 directives.

However the singers where released and allowed to return back home.

Upon his arrival in Nigeria, singer, Omah Lay has shared his sad experience from Uganda, how he was arrested and treated like a common thief yet he thought Ugandans are beautiful people.

He explained to his Ugandan fans that he never intended to put them in harm’s way, and whatever action he took while in Uganda, was in the presence of the Ugandan Police.

He showed appreciation to his mom, fans and celebrities for showing him love during his arrest and making sure that he returns safely.

“The past few days have been some of the toughest of my life that I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. Out in a new country with some beautiful people, the next thing I’m being treated like a common thief.

First off I want to thank all the amazing fans that came out to see me in Uganda, the smiles on your happy faces that evening would be one of my happiest memories. Also, I wanna clarify that putting you in harm’s way was never my intentions!

Before we came out to Uganda, the show promoters confirmed and proved to us they’d secured all the clearances which of course included Covid 19 compliance….At that point, my sole obligation became to make myself available to be taken to the venue and entertain, which I did in the full glance and protection of the Ugandan police.

Secondly, to my mom, my family, my team, my fans, friends that I caused sleepless nights waiting and praying for me, I apologize for putting you through all that;…on the other hand, I can’t thank you enough, I damned near lost my mind but your prayers and messages kept me going! Thank you so much!

Finally, big THANK YOU to everyone for your efforts, prayers, messages, tweets (Damn! Y’all went hard!).Big shout out to the musicians, the celebrities, fans (Again and again ), my family, my friends, my Label, The Nigerian Mission in Uganda, The Presidency, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Madam Abike. Thank you all so much! I have put this behind me and back to what I know how to do best. One Africa Omah is home!  Love,Omah ”.

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