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“Police must stop taking Ugandans for fools!” – Bobi Wine uncovers Frank Sentaza’s reason for death (Photos)

Bobi Wine uncovers Frank Sentaza's reason for death
Bobi Wine uncovers Frank Sentaza's reason for death

The demise of National Unity Platform-NUP stalwart and Bobi Wine’s private body guard Francis Senteza Kalibbala alias Frank stunned the country.

It is claimed that Frank was intensionally thumped by military truck that took his life . However, discussion come in after when Uganda People’s Defense power – UPDF representative Gen Flavia Byekwaso come out to protect the Army of no wrong doing.

Byekwaso said “UPDF didn’t thump Frank he tumble off the vehicle and took his own life”

This since constrained NUP Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine to uncover the genuine reason for death of Frank.

He has delivered a testament of death clarifying the reason for death and E-Ray pictures issued by Lubaga hospital demonstrating Frank’s head broken.

Read full Bobi Wine’s assertion below.

“I have just read a thoughtless statement by the police claiming that our supporters blocked them from doing a postmortem on the body of our late comrade Frank! Last night, the UPDF spokesperson in yet another blatant lack of shame claimed that our brother met his death, having fallen off a speeding vehicle.

I am glad that Ugandans have refused to believe these unfortunate falsehoods by a desperate regime. They commit heinous crimes and then try to cover up!

To set the record straight, this is the medical certificate of cause of death issued by Lubaga hospital yesterday! Also, these are the x-ray images showing how the skull of comrade Frank was severely fractured. The doctors indicated that there is nothing they could do to save his life because the damage was great. How shameless can someone be to say that the deceased sustained such grave injuries from falling off a car?

Also, we did not at all refuse to take the body to Mulago hospital as claimed by police! Far from that, the body was released so we take it for burial. We agreed with the family to use one hour to pray for him at our headquarters in Kamwokya before proceeding to his ancestral home! The police must stop taking Ugandans for fools!

Anyway, the dictatorships of the past and the present have always tried to cover up their wickedness. When Bishop Luwum was murdered, the Amin regime claimed he died in an accident. Such lies never last.

Rest in power Frank!”

See photos below;

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