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NBS TV’s Canary Mugume uncovers ‘Cherry Gisha’ alleged lady accusing him of rape

“He mixed drugs in my drinks & raped me inside car after suspecting i was to expose his dirty gay acts,” Canary Mugume’s ex-girlfriend Leak his dark secrets (Screenshots)
Canary Mugume rape and gay allegations

Two days back, the internet was hit by a viral romour accusing NBS Television employee Canary Mugume of rape with a one ‘Cherry Gisha’ claiming it happened in 2018. 

The accuser called upon human rights organizations to assist her to get justice adding that her heart was still bleeding. 

Canary was not only blamed for assault but as well as hom0sexuality.

It is against this background investigative reporter has come out to dispel any confusion and invalidate the charges saying the Twitter account is a catfish and that the individual behind it is a man.

Canary says the woman on the Twitter accounts isn’t the accuser.

“Her pictures are being used wrongly to blackmail me. The real person in the picture is called Eliyah Abdul who I spoke to on phone yesterday. ‘Cherry Gisha’ is a catfish and is a boy tweeting. How do you blackmail an investigative Journalist who will find out who you are?” Canary posted on his socials. 

Additionally, Canary promises to expose the boys behind the catfish account

“Treat everything from this Cherry account as fake. The boy tweeting will soon be exposed with his entire blackmail group, who are paid to just spoil someone’s name” He added.

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