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Angry Fans Attack Bebe Cool for Criticizing Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine Promises To Make Bebe Cool Feel Special When He Becomes President
Bobi Wine - Bebe Cool

Singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has been hauled left right by web-based media clients after he criticised Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine for securing his children to safety in USA.

Through his socials Bebe Cool said “I feel awful for Eddie Mutwe and Nubian Lee’s youngsters as in who will ensure them while their folks are in prison. At any rate safe voyages explorers”.

The statement caused him criticism from people like Patrick Kanyomoozi who reminded him of how he left his injured body guards and left for treatment in US in 2010 after he was shot. 

“When you were shot together with your body guards in 2010, tax payers’ money was used to foot the bill for your treatment in the US, your wife and two kids were all catered for; travel, accommodation,upkeep etc. You left your injured body guards and their families behind. shut up,” Kanyomoozi shut Bebe. 

Another social media user named Dennis Kimbowa says no one follows up the singer’s family when they fly out of the country. 

“Rasta no does follow ups when your family members travels so in that case I think everyone has a right to at any time they want to” he said. 

Bebe has also been asked where his candidate Yoweri Tibuhaburwa’s family was during the liberation war. 

“You Babe Cool where was M7’s family during the war that almost took more than 500000 people as I speak now where is Muhoozi’s wife and kids also Sam Kutesa’s family they were the first to go last year 2020” 

After pictures of Bobi Wine’s children getting out of the country leaked on social media yesterday, a number of people, most of them from the opposition, came out to accuse the Candidate of selfishness for having fled his family while his supporters’ families are in danger too. 

Bobi has explained that his children have been living in fear for the past three years. He added that he received information that the state was planning of kidnapping them and use them against him.

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