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Don’t order me, I’m nobody’s bitch – Ykee Benda in a Bitter War with NUP supporters over Nubian Li (Screenshots)

Ykee Benda Assumes Presidency of Uganda Musicians Association As Sophie Gombya Throw In Towel
Ykee Benda

Hell broke loose on Wednesday, January 8, when a verbal war broke between Uganda Musicians Association president Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda, and NUP supporters after one NUP diehard questioned Ykee’s leadership. 

“The Uganda Musicians Association only comes out when a Nigerian artists is arrested but their colleagues are being illegally charged with possession of firearms they are silent. May that association collapse amen,” one tweep calling himself unemployed Youth tweeted. 

Ykee responded to the tweet using obscene language saying that no one orders him around because he is nobody’s bitch. The language Ykee used shocked many tweeps who did not expect it from him. 

“I’m nobody’s bitch!!! Don’t order me around!! THIS FUCKERY HAS TO STOP” Ykee responded to some of the critics. Ykee assured his critics that he can go as low as possible.” If you thought I don’t know how to hit below the belt……you made a big mistake!!! IM FROM THE STREETS THINK AGAIN,”  he said 

The singer furiously said that fans have gone as far as ordering musicians which is not right. He says they should stop claiming that Musicians can’t be without them.

“This kamanyilo comes up because mulowoza mutuyamba buyambi okutuwagila, HELL NO.!! If I didn’t do good music u wouldn’t have purchased it, u wouldn’t pay to see me perform. Our industry isn’t a charity organization that your just helping, no way. You pay, we entertain you. BUSINESS,” He said 

The singer advised his critics to go to the police and help Nubian Li instead of shouting on social media. 

“Fcked up citizens, u spend billions of ur taxes on mps&other leaders monthly and u then question artists on everything that goes wrong. Isn’t that idiocy? Before u question me about Nubian Li, have u moved to the police station to question them about his arrest?” He hit at cristics further.

Ever since Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine joined politics, different artists have faced criticism from his (Bobi Wine) supporters who believe every artist should have the same ideology as his. 

People like Sheebah, Catherine Kusasira, Spice Diana, Geo Steady, Ann Kansiime have been hurled insults at for not speaking up whenever violence takes place in the country. 

See Screenshots below;

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